Somewhere in between the demise of ButtonHead and the transformation of the multifaceted Amarillo was the birth of The Joel Young Band! This band has consumed some of the most seasoned countrified rockers in the Fort Wayne and surrounding areas. When ButtonHead broke up in May of 2009, Amarillo was looking for a singer to replace Doug Holt. Doug recently had a life-changing experience that wouldn't allow him to continue with Amarillo. Joel was happy to step in. Amarillo played the next 6 months with Joel until they went their separate ways that December. After a short stint with Big Fat Liar, Joel and the rest of the guys (John Mazza, Gary McMeekin) decided to rebuild the band but wanted a new name. After several weeks of debate, Scott Byler (previous drummer) suggested The Joel Young Band... no one complained. So it was decided... The Joel Young Band was born August 18th, 2010. (Appropriately,Joel's 43rd birthday) Since then, the band has evolved into an eclectic group of musicians providing a broad range of talent